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Ren D
Jill of all trades, master of none. I write about self-awareness, personal growth, life lessons, and parenting.

Am I the only one who feels this way?

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I’ll preface this by saying I’ve worked from home for roughly 7 years now. Through this time, I’ve had multiple jobs and all supported some form of remote working. Many times I commuted to client sites a day or two a week. Sometimes I’d go to the office for team or company wide meetings. Overall, my days in the office were typically 2–3 days a week.

As a mother I’ve enjoyed the benefits of working from home. I’ve felt less stress in being able to manage my workload as well as motherhood. I’ve been able to block my calendar to…

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Last night while sitting in my office playing guitar, my son came in the room, little guitar in hand, tears streaming down his face. He said he isn’t anything. I looked at him puzzled. He said his sister is a crafter, his father is a coder and I’m a guitarist. We all are “things” but he isn’t.

I can’t lie. I was smiling on the inside. The fact that he called me a guitarist was wonderful. It’s a Covid hobby. I am slowly teaching myself via You Tube. I discovered I enjoy playing so I play everyday. But it feels…

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I grew up chubby and unathletic. I didn’t play any sports and lacked hand eye coordination.

During college, I forcibly went to the gym with friends and quickly became embarrassed. I spent 45 minutes on the elliptical all the while observing the “fit” people around me.

It’s been 20 years and I can finally say I know what works for me.

Here are the lessons I’ve learned through my journey.

Everyone tells you to drink more water. It’s not new advice. But for those of us who don’t drink it, we nod our heads and continue to drink Diet Coke…

To be honest, I don’t care. Here’s what I do care about.

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While I appreciated Medium CEO’s transparency regarding the company’s direction, I certainly didn’t need to know the details of the voluntary separation plan offered to his editorial staff.

Transparency is good. Too much of it is often due to another motive.

Mostly, I skimmed the article unphased. I’ve been writing on Medium for nearly 2 years and there have been many changes in that time.

Too many changes.

Having spent my career at startups, I understand change is part of the game. I understand change is necessary for growth.

But here’s what I don’t understand.

Why make publications the focus…

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Last night after achieving my 10,000 step goal, I plopped on the couch, glass of wine in hand, ready to scroll through You Tube.

As I scrolled I noticed the titles I grativated towards.

I lost 18 pounds of fat in 2 months.

How I changed my body in 6 weeks.

Each one of these videos focused on achieving something quickly. And subconsciously, I clicked because I wanted quick achievement as well.

I’ve gained and lost weight most of my life. I’ve worked hard in Jiu Jitsu to achieve a blue belt. …

A Clear-Cut Guide

If you’re constantly tired, this one’s for you.

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I’ve worked from home for the past 8 years to better manage my personal and professional lives. Having the benefit of working from home pre-Covid, I had a routine that was productive and manageable.

Enter Covid. With the kids and husband home, my previously identified schedule has gone out the window. I now always have something to do, or someone to help, during my breaks.

Being at home so much has taken it’s toll. We are working in our bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens. Those with offices are sharing their space with a child, or two.

When we take breaks…

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We associate happiness with achievement. You’ll be happy if you have a certain job title. You’ll be happy if you own a home. You’ll be happy if, if, if and if.

Unfortunately, none of these things bring happiness. Happiness doesn’t come from a bigger house, luxury car, or an impressive job title.

Happiness exists when you become aware these things don’t matter.

All my life I’ve worked to achieve bigger and better with the ultimate goal of happiness. While working towards a promotion to director, I attributed a director title to happiness. …

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To be exceptional, you’ve established your identity and are thriving at it.

Most people work in jobs they aren’t passionate about. I am most people.

But, I know I’m meant to do more. I don’t work towards it because I’m afraid of failing. Fear has taken over my ability to be myself. It’s taken away my ability to succeed. It’s taken away my ability to be exceptional.

The good news is that we can conquer fear. We can ignore the aggressive voice in our head telling us we aren’t good enough. We can listen to the other voice in our…

It’s why I won’t stop taking them.

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Months ago, my husband turned all Wim Hof on me. He complained so much about the cold showers I had to try them. I pride myself with having more willpower so it became a competition.

I’ve now been taking cold showers for nearly 2 months. I don’t plan on stopping. I started to see what my husband was complaining about but kept doing it because …I like it.

I never thought I’d say that. I’m freezing most of the time so liking cold showers is well outside my comfort zone.

These are the benefits I’ve personally noticed.

Each morning, I…

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Ever see a musician perform and think wow, I wish I could do that.

Ever see an athlete train and wish you had their strength, health or fitness?

I’ve been there too. I’ve wondered how people I admire achieve success.

Initially I thought they were blessed with natural ability. I assumed they were cut from the talented cloth.

It was a lie. They are like us. And we can be successful too.

By following these easy habits, we can work towards our version of success, whatever that may be.

Successful people visualize.

Visualizing outcomes is inherent to increasing your confidence to allow you…

Ren D

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