5 Things Happy People Do

Ren D
6 min readMar 11, 2021
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We associate happiness with achievement. You’ll be happy if you have a certain job title. You’ll be happy if you own a home. You’ll be happy if, if, if and if.

Unfortunately, none of these things bring happiness. Happiness doesn’t come from a bigger house, luxury car, or an impressive job title.

Happiness exists when you become aware these things don’t matter.

All my life I’ve worked to achieve bigger and better with the ultimate goal of happiness. While working towards a promotion to director, I attributed a director title to happiness. When working towards becoming a VP, I once again associated happiness to a title.

The promotion to director didn’t result in happiness so I’m not sure why I expected the promotion to VP would be different.

I’ve worked at jobs that were tolerable and others were miserable. Each time, a new job was the answer to my problem.

Except, it wasn’t.

Once you realize the quest for happiness leads nowhere, you’ll stop looking for it and start living with it.

Change often happens when your world is turned upside down. Five years ago, I lost my father. His death was a shock. While I experienced the loss of grandparents, there’s a different awareness with the loss of a parent. When I lost him, I quickly turned to work to fill the emotional void.

It didn’t.

I couldn’t work because I couldn’t focus. It didn’t seem to matter. Nothing I did before seemed to matter.

Over time, I lost this awareness. Time has a strange way of “curing” you.

I did the same things and expected my life to change. By working the same job day in and day out, I’d climb the professional ladder and eventually get to the C- suite. I once again associated job title to happiness.

The Turning Point

Switching jobs, home schooling children and living on one income was certainly a change-inducing series of events.

The pandemic made me question the value of my belongings. This led me to minimalism which led me to the awareness that I have everything I want.

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