Why I Removed Social Media From My Phone

It’s worked wonders.

Photo by Neil Soni on Unsplash

It’s been years since I removed Facebook from my phone. I did so because I was tired of the negatively. All I saw were arguments. Share a political view, get a dozen likes, some insightful comments and some down right nasty ones. Lose followers. Repeat. It got old.

I’m still on Facebook but I have to access via my laptop. That means I am forced to consider the time wasted before I log in. It’s helped my addition and improved my well being.

I removed Instagram for a period of time last year and removed it again in July of this year. I had a friend who has a separate page for her alter ego and I didn’t want to lose the friendship by un-following her so I just removed Instagram all together. Clearly, I didn’t understand the mute function.

Removing the apps from my phone have given me more time. I wasted a lot of time scrolling through Instagram looking at people’s “perfect” lives, clothes I wanted to buy and Jiu Jitsu moves I wanted to try. With the time I have back, I have given more time to work, my children and my hobbies.

Before I removed the apps, I worried I’d be disconnected. I didn’t want friends having discussions I knew nothing about. I realized if discussions rely around social media, it’s not a discussion I want to partake in. Problem solved.

Since curbing my social media addiction, I’ve learned the following.

Time Management

We only have so much time. Life flies. I will never get time back so I refuse to waste it on social media. During the time I am with my children, why am I wasting it scrolling through Instagram being envious about the size of a woman’s behind? No thanks.

There are so many things I’ve been able to do instead. I’ve read more books. I’ve written, a lot. I’ve drilled Jiu Jitsu techniques with my husband. All of those activities are more valuable than any social media time.

Unnecessary Spending

See a cute outfit on an Instagram model. Click the link. Purchase the outfit. Receive it. Looks nothing like the model. Agonize over your mama body. Too lazy to return the outfit. Repeat.

Taking the apps off my phone has saved me money. Not only am I not purchasing clothes that look nice on other people, I am more focused on finding things I actually like, that fit my style.


While I know images are edited and sometimes fake, I still compare myself. I’m human. Seeing real people casually dressed is more my speed. I’m focused less on vanity and more about accepting the person I am. I’m the mom at the bus stop in sweats. I’m also the mom standing there smiling when I see my child come off the bus. He’ll remember my smile — not what clothes I wore.

With the time I’ve saved, I’ve discovered more about myself — what’s important to me, what I want to learn and how I want to focus my time.

No posting

No liking

Just living

I’m not focused on other people’s lives. I’m focused on living my own.

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Indian American. Mama. Wife. VP of Product. I write about personal growth, life lessons, parenting and love.

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