Why Are Medium’s Most Viewed Stories Focused On Making Money?

That’s all we seem to care about these days.

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I’ve taken an 8 month break from Medium to focus on other things. Now that I’m back, I see a difference. Last year, the featured stories focused on personal growth and development. This year, they are focused on making money. How to Make $10,000 Writing on Medium. How I made Six Figures in Side Hustles. Money, Money, Money, Money, Money.

It’s ironic because my best viewed article is centered around living an anti-hustle life.

I struggle between the hustle and the anti-hustle. Certain days I want to read about passive income and financial freedom. Other days, I want to focus on simplicity and minimalism. More often that not, I gravitate towards the latter. I am aware I have one life to live and want to ensure I am present for each and every minute of that life. I want to live with purpose, rather than live in excess. I want to be surrounded by love rather than belongings.

I want to live with purpose.

But in a minute, my thoughts change. I see an article on building passive income, click on it and find myself focusing on side hustles.

If we focus only on our bank accounts, we’re missing a big part of life. What about the personal growth required to achieve financial freedom? What good is getting to the treasure without having seen the rainbow?

Why don’t we read, and write, more articles about the journey? Surely you didn’t wake up one morning with thousands of dollars in your bank account. You probably worked your ass off for that money. You probably tried and failed countless times.

I want to read articles around failure and lessons learned. I want to understand the struggle behind what makes someone successful.

It’s not easy so why do we make it seem like it is? If you follow my 5 rules, you’ll make six figures from side hustles too. No you won’t.

And do you know why?


You must be passionate about what you do to be successful. I am betting the person preaching how to earn passive income put in work to get to that point. You don’t just make money sleeping. You make money sleeping after years of putting in the work.

So what if I work hard? Does that mean I’ll be financially better off? Maybe, but there’s something else you need.


Financially successful people don’t lack trust in themselves. They believe in their ideas and their worth. They risk rejection yet continue to push forward. The bottom line is that you need confidence to take the next step.

The articles I’ve read don’t talk much about passion or confidence, the soft skills you need. They speak of steps — start an email list, or a blog, or your own publication. Go on this site, or that one, and build an audience. While all of that helps, if you don’t have passion or confidence you’re not making anything.

I’m telling you this because I know it. I know it because I lack both.

For years I’ve wanted to start a business. I haven’t done it. I lack the passion and confidence necessary for it to happen.

This isn’t a sob story. It’s a story of awareness. I’m working on my flaws. I’ve realized what I’m missing and am focusing on improvement.

I am looking for a cause I am passionate about. I know when I find one, I will work hard. Until then, I’m focusing on learning and increasing my confidence. The more I try, the better I’ll be, the more confident I will become.

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Indian American. Mama. Wife. VP of Product. I write about personal growth, life lessons, parenting and love.

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