What I’ve Learned My 3rd Month on Medium

It’s drastically different than previous months.

I ended month two with $49.63 in my pocket. I was ecstatic. Considering I ended month 1 with a penny, I was looking forward to what the coming months would bring.

I fantasized about the extra $500/month I could bring in writing. I could finally save some money. I could redo my bedroom. I could contribute more to the kids accounts.

Then Medium changed their partner program.

My expected monthly earrings plummeted. Being able to see my earnings daily didn’t help. I’d see pennies increase and wonder why I wasted my time. I’d wait days for an article to be curated only to find out it wasn’t.

What changed? Was I a good writer before and did I all of a sudden suck?

Nothing changed but medium’s program. I still write the same way. I still manage to see most of my curated articles in Lifestyle. I’m still writing, though not as often as I was my second month.

But I’ve noticed some things.

The more you write, the more you’ll make.

Sounds obvious doesn’t it? It still took me time to realize this. Most of what I’m making is from my backlog. If I double my backlog, I should make twice as much.

I’ve recently changed my focus. I’m focusing more on writing, and less on my earnings.

Views are so damn important.

If you want people to see your writing, you need followers. To gain followers, you need to be curated and published. Both help. To get curated, you need to write something people care about. You need to share something about yourself that is applicable to your readers.

Creating an email list is mentioned in all articles from top writers. I know I need to do it yet I don’t. I’m fully aware that when I do, I will be less reliant on curation and promotion on social media. Though I have to be honest, I have posted two stories of my 90+ on social. I just don’t want to bombard family and friends with my writing.

You need to discover your writing inspiration.

While it’s hard to know what’s curated and what isn’t, I’ve found that I need to be inspired to write. Some of my curated stories stem from watching a Joe Rogan podcast in the morning with my husband. Some of them are while driving to go on a hike. Some are after a challenging jiu jitsu class. When I experience and subsequently write, I’m more likely to be curated.

Curators are picky.

Rightfully so. I think they have decreased what they want to curate. Or maybe I’ve fallen off with my writing and it’s just me that has been curated less since the change. Either way, I take this as a challenge. If 1 out of every 5 stories I write is curated, I’ll be happy. Since the MPP change, I’ve written 18 articles and have been curated 3 times. That’s roughly 16%. Increasing that percentage to 25% is my current goal.

Month 1 earned a penny, month 2 nearly $50 and month 3 brought me $12. If I had double the backlog and assumed the same amount per article, I’d have seen $24 this month. That is my goal for December.

With the holidays rapidly approaching and having family in town for Thanksgiving, I haven’t been on Medium much. I miss it. I miss all the stories I was reading and I miss writing. I have some time off in December and plan to use it writing. Let’s see what that brings in month 4. Maybe I’ll even manage to get started on that email list.

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Indian American. Mama. Wife. VP of Product. I write about personal growth, life lessons, parenting and love.

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