What Happens When You Take 8 Months Off Medium

You wonder if your writing is worthy.

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I’ve been back on Medium for a week. The last time I published an article before my hiatus was January 3, 2020. I saw the annual subscription email and figured I’d get my money’s worth.

Things have changed.

Publications don’t accept published articles.

The crowd’s tougher.

Claps are lower.

Maintaining an engaged reader seems to be harder.

Last time I was on here, the MPP changed. I went from earning a penny my first month to $47 my second. It’s tapered since then and now I’m barely earning $1 a month. I don’t rely on Medium to pay the bills so that’s fine but I’m wondering what happened. Has Medium changed?

Have publications become more picky? Has the crowd been spoiled with really great writers? Probably all of the above.

While I don’t rely on Medium to earn a living, I certainly want to do well on here. I want my stories to be viewed and read. I want to write something worthwhile for others and I want to feel like I am part of the platform.

When things don’t work, change your course.

Clearly, I’m doing something wrong. Last October my read ration was 29–79%. This October, I’m averaging 20%, with some articles at 0%!

Either I’m not writing pieces people want to read or I’m losing my audience in the first paragraph. I think it’s a combination of the two.

The topics I like to write about are personal growth and improvement, entrepreneurship, and leadership. I also write about my hobbies including Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Hiking.

If you happen to be a seasoned writer, or even a newbie like me, comment and let me know what’s worked for you. I read a million and one stories about how to make money on this platform yet not very many focus on the writing piece. How can I improve my writing and where should I start?

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Indian American. Mama. Wife. VP of Product. I write about personal growth, life lessons, parenting and love.

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