There’s a High Probability You’d Lose a Fight

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Attend a self-defense seminar

These are often done at local martial arts schools. If you are interested in one and can’t find one nearby, I would pop in to a local school and express your interest. I attended a women’s self defense seminar at a local Jiu Jitu school. I walked away with more confidence than when I stepped in.

Pay for a private lesson with a martial arts instructor

I had a private lesson with the owner of a Jiu Jitsu school nearly an hour from me. He taught me basic self defense skills and was my preliminary view into Jiu Jitsu. I once again left with more confidence then when I walked in. He reinforced techniques I learned at the seminar and showed me new ones.

Train a martial art

Don’t let fear get in your way. After my private lesson, I wanted to start Jiu Jitsu. I had looked up schools nearby. I found one (coincidentally the same one I go to now) but I didn’t step foot into the school until a year later.

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