None of My Stories Have Broken $1

Life with the new MPP continues to be challenging.

It’s the 3rd week since Medium updated it’s MPP and I’m truly lost with the logic of the changes. I’ve continued to write often, some of my stories have been curated and published, some have not. Less have been curated than before but I consider that a challenge. I can work harder on my writing. What I struggle with understanding is why curated articles have not even made $1.

My highest earning article since the changes can be seen above. It has earned $0.89. While I am very close to the elusive $1, I still wonder why it hasn’t earned that much. Let’s take a look at my views and fans for that article and see if that helps explain it.

85 views and 16 fans with an average read time of 1 minute and 3 seconds. If the article were longer, would that have a better affect? If it had more views, maybe, but I wonder what the algorithm is for read time and views. Is it a simple read time multiplied by number of views gives you X amount of dollars, or cents in my case. I don’t think so.

I have to mention that my total earnings for this article are $12.69. Clearly, I saw most of the earnings prior to the MPP change. How can it be that the story had more value before the change?

Let’s look at my next best earning article this month.

Unlike the previous article, this one was not curated. This one earned $0.69 this past month with a total earnings of a little over $4.

You can see the result of non curation on my view count. I only have 11 for this article with an average reading time of 1 minute and 20 seconds. Like my top earner, the majority of earnings from this story came from the previous Medium Partnership Program. Considering that I published this article 2 weeks before the change, I find this very telling. I was able to earn without curation and without many views. But, my read ratio was 100% and I had 6 fans. That means that with the few readers I did have, I maintained to keep them engaged and they actually liked what they read.

Finally, let’s look at my 3rd best earning article this month.

This one was curated and published, had 107 views, a total earnings of $0.98 and an average read time of 58 seconds. It was published 4 days before the MPP changed so the majority of the earnings are after the change. In this case, it seems that the views don’t matter much if your average read time sucks.

So what do all these stats tell us?

I’m not really sure. Being paid by fans and claps definitely made more sense to me. It allowed people with smaller followings to succeed financially on this platform. I don’t anticipate having thousands of views, at least not anytime soon, but views combined with read time is the key to success, if you define success as financial.

Views combined with read time is the key to success.

That being said, I don’t think the mix is 50/50. Read time is clearly more valued. I would assume it is 30/70 favoring read time. I need to test this assumption by writing longer stories.

As for me, I’m still here and I’m still writing. I’m still publishing one story a day. But now I’m going to work on publishing more. I have noticed that having a backlog is key because older stories will continue to contribute to your earnings, even if they don’t break a dollar.

I’m also going to start my own publication with the goal of getting more followers and having an email list. Though to be honest, I have been hesitant. I’m not very good at selling myself. You either like what you read or you don’t. Who am I to convince you otherwise?

But the truth is I have no right to complain without trying my best. And right now, there’s room for improvement.

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Indian American. Mama. Wife. VP of Product. I write about personal growth, life lessons, parenting and love.

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